Greece averts an “imminent” Iranian terror attack in Athens

Date: 03/04/2023 Time: 11:51

Barry μικρή By Barry Shaw

Acting on information provided by the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, Greek police prevented an imminent terror attack in Athens by arresting two Pakistani nationals who were Iranian paid operatives.

The intended target was the Jewish Chabad Center in Athens which attracts both Greek and Jewish tourists who attend the Center for prayers and for its kosher restaurant.

A third man, who was not in Athens at the time of the arrest, is wanted for his role in the impending attack.

The police statement said, “Their aim was not only to cause the loss of life of innocent citizens, but also to undermine the sense of security in the country, while hurting public institutions and threatening [Greece’s] international relations.” 

The Times of Israel reported that the couple had entered Greece illegally from Turkey and had been in the country for at least four months.

As part of their investigation, the police searched various locations including in southern Greece and the island of Zakynthos.

Greek police said an attack was imminent. “An analysis of the seized information and digital data revealed and confirmed that the members of the network had already chosen as the target of the attack, a building of special importance; had carried out the reconnaissance of the area and the planning of the attack; and had received final instructions to carry out the attack.”

Greek Public Order Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, said in a tweet that “the operation demonstrates that the country’s security authorities maintain a high state of readiness for all Greeks and all visitors to our country.”

Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen thanked Greece for thwarting the plot.

Barry Shaw – Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

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