SKY News Host Rowan Dean: “Trump 2024, de Santis 2028 and 2032. We’ve got 12 great years coming”

Date: 25/10/2021 Time: 11:57

By Richard Abelson

Speaking on Sky News Australia’s “Outsiders” program Sunday morning Sydney time, former Trump campaign manager and GETTR CEO Jason Miller predicted that Donald Trump will run again in 2024, and presumably would not pick Florida Governor Ron de Santis as his running mate.

“I don’t think we’ll hear any sort of announcement until 2023, maybe late 2022”, Miller said, revealing he had spoken to President Trump last Wednesday. “I don’t think he will be running against Joe Biden, though. I think he will be running against Kamala Harris, or, more likely, California governor Gavin Newsom.”

As to whether Ron de Santis would be Trump’s  running mate, Miller said, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Governor de Santis before, and I don’t think Ron wants to be Vice-President. I think Ron wants to be President. He’s a young guy, he’s in his early 40s.”

Host Rowan Dean seemed encouraged by this news: “So what you’re saying is Trump 2024, de Santis 2028 and 2032. Perfect. We’ve got 12 great years coming… You’ve given us all hope!”


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