Massive illegal immigration pushes Greece to the Middle East

2 2George Kontogiorgis – Professor of Political Science at Panteion University,
former Dean

It is common for New Right politicians and parties, such as Trump, Orban, Salvini and others to be described today as extremes. But what is considered as extreme today in politics? If we analyze the substance of the policies proposed by the above, we will find that this is the classic liberalism that was in force in the Western world until the 1980s.

What changed and this classical liberalism is considered today extreme? To understand this we need to look at what the ruling Right and the ruling Left represent in our days, in fact the New Right and the New Left, in which SYRIZA is also categorized. Both are authentic children of the most extreme purpose of the markets.

What is the purpose of the markets? Free trading of funds, services and goods, and free trading of labor. At the level of the political system from far Right to far Left everyone looks like a drop of water. There is only one difference between them in the field of political proposal. The New Right emphasize on the free trading of funds, while the New Left insists on the free trading of labor.  

It is worth pointing out here that the greatest happiness for the markets is not the free trading of funds, which is given anyway, but the ideological legitimation and the free trading of labor. I am referring to the economic immigrants. The New Left in this field has a lot to offer in the markets, because that way their domination not only in the Third World but also in the Western metropolises is being fulfilled.  

Illegal immigration and Marx

Thus, the social tension is being relieved where the social problem is generated in the Third World countries. So they let the capital free to do its job. If Marx was alive, what would he say? Let us all join together to go to Pakistan and make the class warfare, where the social problem is being produced. What do they say? Come here and transform the country into a garbage dump of world capitalism.

At the same time in this way the labor of the citizen by public-law relations after many and long struggles, is rapidly changing into a commodity labor. Because it’s different to accept an organized number of economic immigrants that we decide they are useful and they correspond to Greece’s capabilities, so that they can be absorbed, and it’s something completely different to come in Greece uncontrollably and their handling to be given to the gangs of the NGOs (Non – Government Organizations). 

The SYRIZA government and the whole Left succeeded a miracle. The State gave up its purpose and entrusted the management of the problem of immigration to uncontrolled groups that, by taking the State’s place, became regulators of our lives. It is very doubtful if they were at least fulfilled their humanitarian mission. State and NGOs, in any case, incarnate the humiliation of human dignity. We see it very often in Moria – Lesvos and not only there. Not to mention the scandalous management of funds. On another level, the Left (Syriza) and the Right (New Democtracy) has come unsolicited in order to target and degrade the cultural foundations of social collectivity and cohesion, which in a methodical it is true the markets are gnawing. These foundations, however, are the only ones capable of securing for long time the social peace and resistance of society to the forces of the “market empire”. Economic migration has much more dimensions than we think: economic, political, cultural and geopolitical. With the massive influx of illegal immigrants, Greece is towed to slip into the Middle East.