Grim Kamala shadows Joe, sizes up the Oval Office

Date: 08/04/2021 Time: 19:09

Authored by Doris O’Brien via

Kamala Harris is beginning to resemble the Grim Reaper — minus a scythe and hood — silently stalking President Biden.  The doom-and-gloom likely future president, who has even at times been referred to by her boss as “President Harris,” has become an eerily attendant figure, sitting or standing a few feet behind Old Joe as if anticipating an opportunity to claim her rightful place in the political sun.

Granted, it is not unusual for vice presidents to accompany the commander-in-chief to various meetings.  They are, after all, considered a team.  But there is something decidedly sinister in the subdued omnipresence of Kamala Harris, most of the time garbed from mask to heels in black.  And every event seems to conclude with her dutifully seeing to it that Shuffling Joe leaves by the right exit.

I don’t know whether Kamala is trying to resemble a fade-into-the-background junior partner or a severely garbed guardian officially on hand for whatever might happen to the first in command.

We haven’t seen Kamala “do” all that much in this administration thus far, beyond being a sort of window dressing: a pantsuited mannequin who occasionally tosses her dark flowing locks over the shoulders of her severe outfit.  She may look as if she “means business,” but thus far, it’s not apparent what business she’s been up to.  She hasn’t said anything about being in communication with world leaders.  However, she has griped about the lack of speed with which her D.C. veep’s residence is being refurbished for her and her family’s occupancy, causing them the inconvenience of tolerating an extended stay in a different Beltway mansion.

Joe insists that his running mate is “doing a great job” — so good in fact, that he has put her in charge of our southern border policy, a term as porous as the unfinished wall itself.

In the opinion of some, there appears to be an enigmatic charm about Kamala.  Somber as a sentinel at POTUS events, she can cackle like a grackle when she’s feeling frisky, as she apparently was when asked if she had intentions of going to the southern border to observe what the Biden administration prefers to call a “challenge” rather than a crisis.

Kamala cackled again when mocking parents for their longstanding underappreciation of their kids’ teachers as “babysitters.”

Whatever the occasion, however, prosecutor Harris possesses a guarded “don’t cross me” demeanor, which is perhaps what led one Republican critic to hasten to mention that he found her — personally, that is — to be a charming woman.

There is a general presumption that Harris got where she is today because she is a black female politician from a large liberal state.  Little was ever revealed about her relationship with Willie Brown, the powerful black mayor of San Francisco who was many decades her senior.

The novelty of having a candidate with Harris’s “credentials” waiting in the wings beyond the West Wing may be cause for rejoicing within her party.  But Kamala’s popularity among voters across the political spectrum has generally been underwhelming.  She sashayed through a few early Democratic primaries, then dropped out of contention for lack of support.  She had gained some steam, ironically, during one of the Democrat debates, when she criticized Biden’s record on racism.

In view of her eagerness to be Joe’s running mate, this charge would seem like a contradiction.  But it is just another in a succession of her convenient flip-flops on political positions.  When she was California’s attorney general, she pledged never to enforce capital punishment.  Yet she later gave a speech strongly defending it.

To read Kamala’s incredibly lengthy and glowing Wikipedia entry is to suppose she is the reincarnation of the Black Madonna.

Ironically, the face mask has turned out to be the perfect symbol for the veiled Biden-Harris administration in which transparency is verboten and access to the truth is barred.  To fortify the deception, smug presidential press secretary Jen Psaki stands condescendingly between any seekers and the truth.

At this point, there’s some question as to when — or if — Veep Harris will ever make it down to the border.  The Biden administration’s reason for the delay is to perpetuate the myth that whatever is happening there is due to Trump’s mishandling of the situation.

Nor is there any pressure from the press to propel Kamala to immigration’s ground zero.  Contrast this with the liberal media’s fury against George W. Bush when he did not “immediately” visit the site of Hurricane Katrina.  In the opinion of some historians, this lapse was the beginning of Bush’s spiraling popularity.

By the same token, Donald Trump is still taking flak for what the liberal pundits consider his slow reaction to the pandemic crisis.

If a time ever comes when Biden starts taking the heat for his failed policies, he will be conveniently replaced — on mental and/or physical grounds — by his running mate.  And when grim Kamala inevitably moves into the White House, she will crow the greatest cackle of them all.

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