2020 Election Prediction: Despite Massive Headwinds and Democrat Attempts to Steal Election, President Trump Will Win in Larger Landslide than 2016

Date: 23/10/2020 Time: 18:46

Authored by Joe Hoft via thegatewaypundit.com

Our Track Record

In early April 2016 we predicted that Senator Cruz’s Presidential run would be over by the end of that month – we were right.

In November 2016 we predicted President Trump would win in a landslide in the Presidential election – and candidate Trump won 30 of 50 states and crushed Hillary in the electoral college.

In March of this year, we determined that the mortality rate pushed by the WHO was fraudulent and the China coronavirus would have a mortality rate closer to that of the flu – we were right.

Based on the above, we feel we have a pretty good track record on predicting outcomes.  In regards to the 2020 Presidential election we base our prediction on the following:

For one, President Trump is drastically outworking and way out performing Biden in event attendance as a result of campaign enthusiasm.  President Trump has entertained nearly a half a million supporters since Labor Day to less than a thousand for Biden.  These numbers are astounding.  President Trump is outperforming his 2016 campaign in this regard.

VP Biden’s poor numbers at his events are not due to COVID scaring his followers away.  We know this because President Trump is crushing former VP Biden in online viewership of events as well.

It’s been reported that President Trump has increased popularity in many groups since 2016 – here is a list:

• Republican Support: 77% (2016) vs. 96% (projected 2020). That’s 10,000,000 votes!

• Evangelical Christians: 81% (2016) vs. 90% (projected 2020)

• Hispanics: 28% (2016) vs. 36.5% (projected in 2020). A potential swing of 8.8 million from 2016.

• Catholics: 45% (2016) vs. 53% (projected 2020). A potential swing of 12.4 million votes from 2016.

• Black vote: 8% (2016) vs. 15% (projected 2020). A potential swing of 6.8 million votes from 2016.

Trump is also gaining in the Jewish vote:

In addition Americans believe that they are better off now than 4 years ago at a record high:

Another indicator that President Trump will win the election is the markets are at or near all time highs.  The markets are betting on a Trump win.

President Trump has been successful despite numerous coups and attempts to unseat him. This all seems to have backfired as more Americans consider themselves Republicans than Democrats for the first time in decades:

Polls and Fears of Democrat Voter Fraud

Just like in 2016, the polls are showing Joe Biden with a sizable lead in the race.  These polls however, like 2016, have questionable samples and sample sizes.  The one pollster with the best record from 2016 says the President will win by a larger margin in 2020.

All signs are excellent for the President’s re-election with the exception of voter fraud.  Day after day we hear of court cases related to Democrat efforts to steal the election.  The Democrats are attempting to steal elections across the country.  There are a number of swing states that are targets of the Democrats.  But there is good news here:

Most people supporting President Trump in this election are confident that he will get more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, but they fear that fraudulent mail-in ballots will steal or delay the election results. After analyzing state voting laws — and the 2016 electoral map — I feel confident in saying that neither is a likely outcome.

First, only ten states mail ballots to every voter on their registration rolls. Those states have faced justified criticism for risking their results’ integrity because voter rolls are outdated and make verifying identity difficult. But under the Electoral College system, this issue won’t affect the outcome of the election. Eight of those ten states went blue in 2016, and the other two — Utah and Arizona — are likely to stay red. Vote by mail will not affect the outcome of the election because it is mostly done in states that Trump does not need to win.

Το The Flag Report, δεν υιοθετεί τις απόψεις των αρθρογράφων, ούτε σημαίνει ότι συμφωνεί με τα ρεπορτάζ που αναδημοσιεύει από άλλες ενημερωτικές ιστοσελίδες και δεν ευθύνεται για την εγκυρότητα, την αξιοπιστία και το περιεχόμενό τους. Συνεπώς, δε φέρει καμία ευθύνη εκ του νόμου. Το The Flag Report, ασπάζεται βαθιά, τις Δημοκρατικές αρχές της πολυφωνίας και ως εκ τούτου, αναδημοσιεύει κείμενα και ρεπορτάζ, από όλους τους πολιτικούς χώρους.

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